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Psychologist Albert Ellis had this to say about the “musts” in our lives, “It’s time to let go of the ‘musts’ that hold us back. There are three musts that hold us back: I must do well. You must treat me well. And the world must be easy.”

Those musts are difficult for most people to give up!

We are afraid to fail, we want people to treat us well, and we want everything in life to come easily.

But these three musts are unreasonable. If we are living and breathing, we are bound to fail at something. And let’s face it, we cannot expect that everyone is going to treat us well. And who hasn’t discovered that life isn’t always easy?

How do we let go of these unrealistic expectations?

Start by taking them off your “must-have” list. I’m not insinuating that “must haves” aren’t at all appropriate in your life. But we cannot always control how well we will do at something, we cannot always control how others treat us, and we cannot control everything in life that comes our way. These are musts that we “must” let go of!

This has been Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day. Now, go out and be fruitful.