This is Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day, 60 seconds on wisdom, success and personal growth. We often expect too much from ourselves. It’s time to let go of perfection!

Is perfectionism sabotaging your life or career?

When my daughter was a pre-teen, she would spend way too much time in front of the mirror doing her hair before she left for school. It was a morning ritual. She would comb and put her hair in barrettes or a pony tail, or braid, or whatever hairstyle it was going to be that day. If a hair was out of place, or she couldn’t get the hair to lay in just the right way, she would throw down the comb and scream, “I hate my hair!” She wanted ‒ no, needed ‒ it to be absolutely perfect. And she wasted a lot of time trying to make it perfect.

I remember a teacher at a parent conference telling me that she was an over-achiever, on the brink of perfectionism that needed to be carefully watched or she would become obsessive. Thankfully, eventually she overcame the need for perfect hair, but not without some lessons along the way.

If you find yourself habitually reacting with frustration when you make a mistake at work or while driving your car, if you’re clumsy at home, or you fail to be perfect in some other way, make the decision to stifle that emotion!

Give yourself a break. Forgive yourself. Whom do you know that does everything perfectly? Let go of the need to be perfect.

This has been Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day. Now, go out and be fruitful!