This is Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day, 60 seconds on wisdom, success, and personal growth.

If you have a tendency to be impulsive, it’s time to let it go!

Some mental health diagnoses consider impulsivity a symptom of a disorder. However, being impulsive is occasionally appropriate, especially when your intuition tells you something is right. And there certainly are situations in life that call for a leap of faith, but when an action or decision is significant, it is important to consider the pros and cons, as well as the risks. Is there the potential of harming you or those you care about?

Being impulsive can wreak havoc on your finances which can impact others in your life.

For example, if you go on a shopping spree and buy practically an entire new wardrobe just because you need a lift, or if you fall for a “this week only” sales pitch and buy a car you can’t afford, or if you purchase your dream home without carefully considering all the factors, you are likely to regret your decision and the impact it had on those closest to you. A tendency to be impulsive can destroy not only your finances, but also your relationships, your career, and your health.

Instead of allowing emotion to govern your decisions, do your research, think things through, and pray for wisdom.

In her novel “Pride and Prejudice,” Jane Austen wrote: “Every impulse of feeling should be guided by reason …” When you use reason to guide you, and weigh each significant decision with wisdom and respect for the people it will affect, you will make better decisions. Let go of being impulsive!

This has been Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day. Now, go out and be fruitful.