This is Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day, 60 seconds on wisdom, success and personal growth. Let go and be BOLD!

What does it mean to be bold? In general, it means an ability to take risks, being confident and courageous. But how do you even begin to let go of a mediocre life and be bold?

In the film “Bruce Almighty,” the character played by Jim Carey (aka Bruce), wants more success in his life, and he’s angry and holds a grudge because others have been promoted before him and have achieved more than he has. Bruce’s perception is that they have much more success and happiness. He complains about being tired of his mediocre career, mediocre apartment, mediocre life.

In the film Bruce learns that when he lets go of the anger, the grudges, and the perception that his mediocre life is of little value, he starts living more boldly. He becomes more confident and courageous in his work, and his life becomes successful.

In order for you to let go and be bold, you must release grudges and comparisons. Holding on to anger and jealousy only causes pain. Instead, let go and be bold!

This has been Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day. Now, go out and be fruitful!