Stressed Out? Burnt Out?

Anxious or depressed about your work, career, job, life? You are NOT alone!  Let's discover how I can work with you or your team to inject POSITIVITY into your radio group.


If ...

  • You need to increase profitability
  • You want Millennials to want to work for your radio group
  • You strive to increase employee retention, loyalty, and engagement

Then ...

You Must Invest in Developing Human Capital

You cannot afford to keep asking how to do this. Employee turnover, lack of engagement, absenteeism are costing you money! You need solutions. Developing human capital for radio  will ENERGIZE your company, SAVE costs, INCREASE profitability. 

Kelly Orchard brings tools to your radio group like no one else can! She KNOWS radio and psychology, and those combinations give her the genius to cultivate a productive and profitable culture within your radio group.

CONCERNS for Radio Groups

  • Profitability
  • Regulation/deregulation
  • FM chips
  • In car-dashboard
  • Competing with digital
  • Cross ownership
  • Decline in listenership

NEEDS for Radio Stations

  • Create success/more positivity
  • Educate & sharpen staff
  • Reduce turnover, tardiness, absenteeism
  • Reduce conflicts, stress, anxiety, depression
  • Inspire confidence/improve morale
  • Improve productivity/unlock potential

Today's Workplace Is Not What It Used to Be

A recent Gallup study shows that only 30% of employees are engaged in their job. 20% are “actively disengaged" or deliberately trying to sabotage the business.

Mental Health America reports that 25% of employees suffer from anxiety, depression and stress, causing billions of dollars in absenteeism, turnover and workers comp claims.

An American Psychological Association (APA) survey says, "Positive Psychology as a management tool will foster greater employee satisfaction and productivity.” David Ballard, the association's Assistant Executive Director for Organizational Excellence adds, "Today, companies that excel go well beyond a focus on benefits and create a positive work environment, where both employees and the organization thrive."

Radio is in a renaissance and you’ve got a lot on your plate. So does your team, and many of them may be struggling. How is this impacting YOUR radio group? Kelly Orchard has the tools you need to improve every area of your company, focusing on ...

  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Tools to reduce stress
  • Creating a culture of positivity and productivity
  • FCC compliance
  • General diversity training

Kelly Orchard: Ingenuitive Consultant & Coach

“Ingenuitive” is defined as cleverly inventive, original, resourceful. This certainly describes Kelly Orchard ...

Kelly has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. She is a 2008 graduate of the NABEF Broadcast Leadership Training Program, as well as several radio sales programs. Kelly has been featured in Radio World and Radio Ink (“Expert in The Wings”), and was a webinar presenter for the 2016 Leadership Webinar Series with Radio Advertising Bureau. She is currently a FCC Compliance Specialist with an agreement to conduct alternative inspections to certify that stations meet FCC regulatory requirements.

In addition to her psychotherapy and coaching practice, Kelly has more than 30 years in the business of broadcasting. She knows how to energize businesses at every level. Specializing in company leadership, culture creation, positive mindset, stress reduction, and increased productivity, Kelly Orchard can help you lead your business to PROFITS and FUN in RADIO!