This is Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day, 60 seconds on wisdom, success and personal growth.

It has been a year filled with growth! The Apples have been a labor of love and I am so honored to have you share this journey with me.

Similar to the familiar adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” I have a version of my own: “An Apple a day keeps the mundane, stagnation, frustration—or whatever is holding you back—away.” The Apples were designed to give you the tools you need to plant seeds for success, to cultivate wisdom, and help you achieve personal growth.

We built a solid foundation for living an extraordinary life as we identified what we really want in life. We covered our core values and showed how gratitude can improve life exponentially. We focused on learning, leadership, and love. We created new healthy habits and realized when to say yes, when to say no, and when to let go.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed and found each morsel of wisdom helpful.

If you decide to revisit these Apples, you will continue to learn through each season of your growth, and you will be able to harvest a fruitful and plentiful life.

I invite you to drop me a note at and allow me to continue to provide nourishment for your personal and professional growth journey!

This has been Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day. Now, go out and be fruitful.